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ABF Player Of The Season

The ABF player of the season award is given to a player who is a true representation of the club and the fans as well as being based on performances.


Reasons for players to be nominated can include hardwork in the youth teams and the community whilst also taking extra time to integrate with the fans. Someone who week in week out gives a 100% if there playing well or not or shows encouragement to the team at low points in the season. We was honoured to be invited by the club to present our first award at the 2016/17 season end of season presentation night which continues to be a tradition to look forward to at the end of the season.


Voting will commence in the last month of the season in time for the awards ceremony and will be advertised on our social media outlets as well as this site. Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 global pandemic no awards were given out for the 2019/2020 or 2020/2021 season's.

2016/17 Kane Wills

The first ever winner of the award and clear winner in the voting was Kane Wills. Kane's hard work determination and rapport with the fans made him a stand out winner in 2016/17.

2017/18 Lucas Covolan

Lucas Covolan won the 2017/18 award. Lucas put in some very special performances during the season pulling out some top class saves but it was for his dedication during the troubled start to the season when we was rooted to the bottom of the league he kept the score lines down and set the example expected. Lucas was the clear winner in voting after receiving over half the votes in the poll.


2018/19 Ollie Pearce 

For 2018/19 the award was given to Ollie Pearce. Ollie scored 15 goals in all competitions  which included bagging 4 goals in our 9-1 demolition of Harlow Town in February 2019. Ollie is a fan favourite who continues to give 100% every time he pulls on the Worthing red. Pictured is him receiving his award from members of the ABF.

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