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About The ABF

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In May 2015, the Away Boys came into exsistence. They were formed by a small group of long term fans and more recent home and away supporters. After surviving bankruptcy thanks to former player George Dowell, who used money from his compensation following a car accident that left him paralysed. George laid down a five year plan and it seemed the right time to try increasing the support and get more fans involved with the club.


The whole idea of the group began at the end of the 2014/15 season. The Rebels where away at newly crowned champions Burgess Hill when a conversation between a long term supporter and a supporter relatively new to the club regarding singing and atmosphere that had dipped massively in the last decade or so. That afternoon some new songs come to life and we created a fantastic atmosphere; a genuine sign of things to come.


Once the season ended, the end of season awards took place and talk was still about improving the atmosphere at Woodside and on the road. It was at this point long term support Kev Golds went around asking for donations to help refurbish the main stand, he asked people to help the Away Boys to help the club.


The name stuck and on the 3rd of May 2015 we launched our Facebook page and the group was born.


A young section of supporters had already made an attempt at a group and was working well at Woodside, The Worthing Fanatics. Over the coming mouth or so, the two groups joined to form the Away Boys Fanatics or the ABF as it's commonly now known. The group has never looked back and whether there are four people or one hundred people behind the goal we do our best to raise the atmosphere and support our team. With so many young fans joining in on match days, we are building a legacy to pass on to the next generation of WFC supporters.

AIMS: We are committed to improving the atmosphere home and away in the short, medium and long term through a number of fan driven initiatives. We want Woodside Road to be the football stadium that everyone wants to visit. 


We believe that atmospheres are best served and improved through the fans acting independently, and giving the club as a whole our support and commitment.


We believe that fans are the most important part of every football club. It is for this reason that we will strive to better the atmosphere and match day experience for us all as football supporters. We want to be a part of convincing people that supporting you local team is the way forward and watching your local team progress and even rise though the leagues, aiming for professional status, is the right journey to be on and ensure that the next generation are not left looking for something to do on a Saturday. Finally, we want to tighten the bond between fans and our players.


We also believe that is the responsibility of every Worthing fan, young and old, to give their absolute all to support their team. Whether that is attending every game or turning up when work or family ties allow. Teaching your kids the lyrics to songs (obviously not any that use foul language) and introducing them to Woodside Road a place that could become a second home throughout their lives.


As such, we encourage you to share your input and ideas on how best to improve the experience of Worthing FC fans. This group is for all fans, and we would love you all to be a part of it.



What Adam Hinshelwood siad.



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