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All over the world

Celtic do this as a multi player song. Personally I'm not a big fan of multi player songs because if a player leaves you tend to lose that song unless your very lucky to find another match but it doesn't tend to be the same.


With this one I've gone back to an old philosophy the abf had at the start and taken a player song and made it a team song, something we always used to do visa very and some fresh team songs are needed.


This song rolls so nice, it's a great tune and sung basically the same as Celtic but obviously with our words. Only difference is the extra all over the world at the end that Celtic don't use (kind of shouted but sung at the same time if you get what i mean) but is used in the original song by scooter. Think Celtic missed a trick there as it provides a great link to restart the song.

We are the Worthing here us all sing Pride of Sussex doing our thing
We're from Woodside
We'd follow all over all over the world
We'd follow all over the world.

All over the South


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